Tales from the test bench

Tales from the ARC test bench

Tales from the test bench

With products developing all the time at Agile, we thought we’d highlight just a couple of technical details we’ve improved recently on our cameras; we’re constantly striving to perfect our products! As our customers will testify, our technical team goes above and beyond to make sure our products operate to the best of their ability. Here are just a couple of recent technical developments:

Preset recall accuracy

We have worked on the preset recall accuracy of the cameras by adjusting the recall movement speed and adjusting the boundary indicators either side of any preset position. How did we work on that in the office, you might ask? Well, we spent hours with a camera and controller using a laser pointer, some measured wall-mounted grids and some basic geometry. We also looked at the assembly process and how belt tension in the pan and tilt axis effect preset recall accuracy.

Reduced noise at high pan speeds

We have been working on changes to the pan mechanism to reduce the noise at the higher pan speeds. This has been done by manufacturing a key component out of a different material and making a couple of changes to the design of the housing. All smooth sailing!