Depeche Mode uses ARC360 Lite on Global Spirit Tour

Depeche Mode uses ARC360 Lite cameras on tour

Depeche Mode uses ARC360 Lite on Global Spirit Tour

Universal Pixels is currently using the ARC360 Lite PTZ cameras on Depeche Mode’s current ‘Global Spirit Tour’, providing images for close-up cutaway shots for the large screen on stage. As this is mainly an indoor tour, the ARC360 Lite models have proved ideal, since the show doesn’t require the weather-proofing offered by the ‘full’ IP-rated ARC360 camera.

With PTZ cameras positioned on the stage, plus another at the Front of House position, the director was able to control the live images from the cameras to feed the large infiLED super-high-quality touring screen. The photos you can see above were taken by Randall Michelson at the famous Hollywood Bowl amphitheatre in Los Angeles – you can make out the silhouette of the ARC360 Lite PTZ cameras in all four images.

Depeche Mode’s Global Spirit Tour continues around the world this year, with the band making a brief appearance in the UK in June 2018 to headline the Isle of Wight Festival.

For more of Randall Michelson’s amazing photography, please visit his website and his rock photography site. Based in Los Angeles, Randall’s award-winning work has featured in virtually every major magazine and newspaper around the world.