Creative Technology invests in IP PTZ camera workflow

Creative Technology invests in IP

Creative Technology invests in IP PTZ camera workflow

Agile Remote Cameras’ systems deliver image improvements with fast deployment.

Creative Technology has invested in a number of ARC360 Lite PTZ cameras from Agile Remote Cameras, along with ARC4 and ARC Maxi controllers, as part of an upgrade to its fleet of specialist AV equipment. CT’s bespoke staging service combines staff, support and equipment for events in the sports, corporate, exhibition and entertainment industries; the company chose Agile Remote Camera’s system for its extensive IP capabilities.

“The discontinuation of support for our existing cameras gave us the ability to look again at our PTZ solutions,” explains Sidney Lobb, Head of Vision and Integrated Networks at Creative Technology. “A more IP-centric deployment was very attractive in line with our IP strategy, both from a control and speed of deployment point of view.

“The PTZ cameras and camera controllers from Agile were equipped with significant PoE+ capabilities, plus featured excellent waterproofing, which set them apart from those from the main manufacturers. They are ideal for our varied event requirements.”

Creative Technology also invested in RCPs from Skaarhoj, which now offer full compatibility with Agile’s IP PTZ cameras, thanks to the recent integration of the ARC protocol into the company’s range of universal controllers and RCPs. Originally driven by a customer requirement, this initial release of the Skaarhoj/ARC core will be followed by updates, accessing extra functionality and already includes bi-directional communications for multi-camera engineering.

“We have already used the ARC360 Lite cameras and controllers in a TV studio, on a music tour and at a corporate AGM,” Sidney added. “The cameras provide a better image quality than our previous PTZs, plus their PoE/IP control allowed for much easier deployment. For this reason they have been spec’ed to go out on a number of high profile music tours in the near future. One of the impressive things about Agile is its team; they are very responsive, honest and upfront, and we’ve already benefitted from excellent support and training. The new Agile technology fits seamlessly into our events offering.”