ARC360 Lite PTZ camera

Introducing the ARC360 Lite PTZ camera

Agile Remote Cameras has launched its new ARC360 Lite PTZ camera, designed to complement the ARC360 PTZ camera and ideal for use in internal applications such as live sporting, music or broadcast events. The camera uses the award-winning Sony Exmor R™ sensor, delivering the highest quality image under a range of lighting conditions. It affords an element of environmental protection too, as it is a showerproof unit that offers more resilience to the conditions than the competition.

The ARC360 Lite features a belt-driven pan and tilt, with exceptional preset recall accuracy, plus no drift or backlash. A simple locking mount makes it quick to install too, even in the most awkward positions and orientations, while firmware is easy to update remotely or in the field. Signal is HD-SDI or 3G HD-SDI on coaxial or fibre cables, with full camera control via RS-485 or one of the new ARC Controllers.

“We simplified the ARC360 PTZ, creating the ARC360 Lite to provide our clients with an indoor version that they had requested,” comments Louise Hague, Agile’s Operations Director. “We thought it useful to keep an identical footprint and mount so the cameras can be quickly swapped out with ease without the need for removing the whole mounting plate. We also kept the same brilliant picture quality by using the Sony EV7520 with its Exmor R sensor, so the cameras blend seamlessly when used in multi-camera applications.”