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ARC camera module update

Agile Remote Cameras at an event

ARC camera module update

Many of you will be aware that in August 2017, Sony announced the end-of-life programme for their FCB-EV range of cameras. These changes will start taking effect at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

ARC has made a significant investment in the integration of the award winning FCB-EV7520 module, which is at the heart of all of our cameras. We are delighted to announce that the Sony FCB EV7520 will be replaced by the new FCB-EV7520a which will have improved dynamic range performance.

We already utilise the high-definition digital output of the current model and therefore won’t be affected when the analogue video outputs are removed in the new model. The transition for ARC, and our customers, will be seamless, and the long-term availability of the FCB-EV7520a will ensure continued support for this product in the years ahead.