ARC Control Hub and IP/PoE camera interface

ARC Control Hub system diagram

ARC Control Hub and IP/PoE camera interface

ARC delivers full IP capabilities for PTZ cameras plus a new ARC Control Hub

Agile Remote Cameras has announced its new ARC Control Hub; a system initially for up to eight cameras, with plans to increase to a 16 and 32 camera Hub system in the near future. There’s also a new IP/PoE interface for the ARC360 and ARC360 Lite remote PTZ cameras, available as standard, which offers either an IP/PoE interface via an etherCON connector, or an RS-485/power interface via etherCON or XLR4 connector. The ARC Control Hub also has the additional option of controlling a lightweight non-intrusive camera track.

PTZ camera IP/PoE interfaceThe IP/PoE camera provides many features and benefits for customers, including a web interface for easier address management and network configuration, as well as configuration files for each camera. The native IP interface also removes any requirement of additional protocol converters, with its PoE capabilities removing the need for additional power supplies. The RS-485 interface provides clients running an existing RS-485 infrastructure with the ability to upgrade their ARC cameras to IP/PoE in the future with minimal cost.

IP interface configurationThe new ARC Control Hub allows you to run multiple control positions using ARC Maxi Controllers and ARC RCPs on the same network in both IP or RS-485 settings. This real-time Windows-based engineering application can access the cameras directly, enabling firmware updates to be undertaken in the field. It provides real-time status of the cameras on its screen, displaying engineering data supplied by the camera, plus it has a user friendly matrix table to monitor and manage addresses and hardware installed on the system.

The ARC Control Hub also enables integration of additional hardware to be controlled via the ARC Maxi Controller; Agile will also shortly be announcing the launch of its adjustable, lightweight, non-intrusive, simple-to-manage camera track, designed to be deployed and operated easily using the ARC Maxi Controller.

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