Collaboration with third party controllers

Agile Remote Cameras - camera protocol integration

Collaboration with third party controllers

The ARC camera protocol has been integrated into the range of Skaarhoj universal controllers and RCPs. Originally driven by a customer requirement, this initial release of the Skaarhoj/ARC core will be followed by updates. These will access extra functionality and move towards bi-directional communications.

The ARC camera protocol is also integrated into CyanView‘s range of controllers and RCPs, improving production workflow for broadcast, sporting events and live concerts. The system provides full camera control for the best picture-matching, plus enables all camera features to be accessed.

Ideal for broadcast and live events, our precision-engineered ARC360 and ARC360 Lite cameras feature IP and PoE+ connectivity. They deliver exceptional images, and have the benefit of a simple, reliable user interface. And whether connecting to an ARC Maxi Controller, media server, RCP, or any one of a number of third-party integrations, our cameras offer customers complete confidence when investing in IP system architecture.