Agile Camera - Benefits - Agile Remote Cameras
Agile Remote Cameras designs and manufactures innovative and reliable remote cameras and associated products.
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Agile Camera

The future of remote cameras is here


Benefit One

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Technical Information

  • IP68 Agile Camera
  • Manual or automatic horizon
  • Integrated wiper blade
  • Sealed purged unit. No internal condensation or ‘fogging’
  • RS 485 or IP control Interface
  • Full remote engineering and firmware update interface
  • HDSDI on Coaxial
  • Can be supplied with IP68 connectors for power and data and SDI
  • Proven reliability
  • Belt driven with no backlash
  • Closed loop speed control for reliability and precion
  • Designed to be installed and left in remote open locations
  • Designed and comprehensively tested in a marine environment
  • Simple locking mounting base

  • Agile Remote Cameras is delighted to announce the launch of its first remote camera – the ARC360 PTZ camera Designed to operate in a wide variety of applications, from remote inhospitable locations to live music events, the ARC360 provides you with the content that’s demanded, whatever......

  • For the last 8 weeks, the ARC360 agile camera has been installed in the highlands of Scotland providing unique coverage of a Golden Eagle on her nest with her young. This camera has not been accessible at all during this period and has suffered no......

  • ARC has recently completed delivery and training of an integrated camera and track system for use on a world wide music tour. Utilising the environmentally sealed ARC360 agile camera, the cameras provide options to previously inaccessible positions for traditional robocam or agile cameras, in the......

  • ARC have supplied CTV Outside Broadcast an ARC360 agile camera to be mounted 70m in the air on an RF crane to provide ‘beauty shots’ for the live TV coverage. Due to the exposed location of this installation the integrated static wiper and waterproof camera......