Agile Remote Cameras | ARC4 Controller
Agile Remote Cameras designs and manufactures innovative and reliable remote cameras and associated products.
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ARC4 Controller

Key Features

  • Control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Roll
  • Focus
  • Auto/Manual Focus
  • Iris
  • Auto/Manual Iris
  • Gain
  • Red Gain
  • Blue Gain
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance (all options)
  • Gamma
  • Master Pedestal
  • Output Standards
  • Reverse Pan/Tilt
  • Zoom Reverse
  • Change Head ID
  • Infra Red Mode
  • 4 x Preset
  • 4 x Camera Select


The new ARC4 Controller provides full camera control of up to four ARC cameras, with pan, tilt, zoom and roll, ideal for use on live events. The ARC4 provides control of each camera’s iris, gain, shutter speed, white balance and many more features, with four presets to save settings for quick recall.

The unit can provide either an RS485 data output or an IP output, while access to the engineering functions is accessed via the OLED screen and rotary selector. The ARC4 offers a high degree of control and functionality within a limited footprint.

Technical Information


  • Weight 1.5kg
  • Data RS-485/IP
  • Power 9-18V at 1 amp
  • Dimensions 296mm (W) x 78mm (H, 127mm to top of joystick) x 130mm (D)