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The future of remote cameras is here


Key Features

  • 3 Axis Agile Camera. Driven pan, tilt and horizon
  • Fully sealed
  • No fogging or condensation
  • Proven reliability in extreme environments
  • Integrated wiper
  • RS 485 or native IP control interface
  • HD-SDI or 3G HD-SDI on coaxial or fiber
  • Exceptional preset recall accuracy
  • Closed loop speed control
  • Belt driven with no drift or backlash
  • Simple locking mount
  • Internal wide able converters available
  • Designed to be installed and left in remote open locations
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Firmware updates can be installed remotely or in the field
  • No need to send back to the manufacturer for firmware updates
  • Reclocking SFP module option


The ARC 360 PTZ Agile camera is flagship of the Agile Remote Cameras range of products. Housing the award-winning Sony © Exmor R Sensor, the ARC 360 Agile camera provides the highest quality image within a precision engineered housing. 

Designed to operate in a variety of condition, the ARC 360 Agile cameras offer a genuine remote solution for a wide range of customer applications. The camera can work on the side of a mountain or it is equally at home on a music stage.

With a proven pedigree in the live sport, natural history and music environment, the cameras have been designed with the future in mind. The unique modular design allows for a simple upgrade path for both hardware and firmware.

The camera also provides as standard a number of features that its competitors offer as additional optional extras. This includes a driven horizon axis as well as a static wiper blade that can be used when the camera is mounted externally.

Designed within the past three years, the cameras utilise the latest technology to ensure reliability and performance. The 14bit positional encoders and belt drive technology provide an unsurpassed level of precision accuracy.

Built around an ARM processor, the camera electronics have been designed to be remotely accessed or upgraded if required ensuring down time is kept to a minimum.

The camera can be controlled through the ARC’s range of controllers and has fully CCU control. We are also happy to open up the camera to allow it to be controlled through third parts camera desks.

Technical Information


  • Power 9V – 32V
  • Data RS-485 or IP
  • Camera Sensor 1/2.8 Exmoor R Sensor
  • Active Pixels 2.4 Megapixels
  • Weight 3kg
  • Dimensions 225mm x 155mm
  • Pan Range 360° via slip ring
  • Tilt Range 120°
  • Roll +/- 7 deg driven roll (auto/manual)
  • Speed Range 0.3°/sec to 120°/sec (other speed available on request)
  • HD Standards 1080i 59.4/50/60/30
    1080p 59.94/50/60/30/29.97/25
    720p 59.94/50/60/30/29.97/25
  • Zoom X30 Optical
  • HFOV X 30 Zoom: 2.3° to 63.7°
    0.45/0.5 and 0.7 lense adapter available
  • Remote Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto, Iris, Auto focus, Iris on/off, Auto ficus on/off, Auto white, manual white, preset white, Rgainm Bgain, Mped, Rped, Bped, Detail shutter, Gamma, IR control, Image flip, Pan, Tilt, Roll.
  • Image Flip, Mirror
  • Environmental IP68, dry air purged, integrated wiper blade, IP68 connectors available.
  • Options IP68 Connectors, SMPTE Interface, SFP Base Options

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